Sili Ice Cream of 1st Colonial (Tagaytay)

Aside from many relaxing spots, Tagaytay is also known for home of food delicacies!  And if you are up for food that is something different?  You can try SILI ICE CREAM of 1st Colonial! ((:  Yup!  You read it right!  It is made of sili, for which BICOL is also known for..ü
Based on what I have read, this resto originates from Bicol and they are expanding in different places here in Manila.
After visiting CaLeruega Church, we looked for something to eat and ended up eating at Don Juan CentraL.  After eating, one of my friends crave for some ice cream and noticed the 1st Colonial just across the street!  We, then, decided to try their specialty flavored ice cream!  The SILI Ice Cream!  Yayy!
One order of ice cream costs Php90 and it consists of three scoops of ice cream! (not bad!) ^__^  Plus, you can actually choose three of their featured flavor to try on, especially if you’re not fond of spicy foods!  They also have ice creams on cup, if you have a tight budget but wanted to try it.  Each cup costs Php65.  Their specialty, Sili Ice Cream has its levels.  Level 1, 2, 3, and the Mayon Volcano!  According to one of the staff, level 1 just stings a bit and based on experience, you can still taste its sweetness and creaminess.  With level 2, you’ll have the after taste of ‘anghang’ and it still has the creamy taste.   With level 3, the spices kick in up to your throat.  Whereas, the Mayon Volcano is the most spicy! ((:  I am a Bicolana and I love spicy foods, but I am a bit hesitant to try the Mayon Volcano level..  Yayy! ((:  However, Kuhlet and I, planned to it and the other flavors on our next visit.  That way, I will know if I am a certified “Oragon”!  LOL! 😀
They also have different flavors to try which you can’t actually bought on the regular store.
Being something adventurous in trying new things, I chose the weirdest flavors! HAHAH!  I chose Calamansi flavor, Level 2 Sili Ice Cream, and Pipino flavor!
And ohh, their menus looks delish too! ^____^ Been planning to try those too! Yummm! ((:
How about you?
Would you dare to try the Sili Ice Cream?
Would love to hear your thoughts! ♥♥♥
You can leave comments below!

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