Review: Sand Cloud Towel | Wanderlust Tie-Dye Towel

I am always fascinated seeing the colorful towels that my favorite bloggers used with the photos they posts in their social media accounts.  However, because of me being a bit frugal, I can’t really spend a lot of bucks for those towel.  But while I was browsing on the internet, I passed by with a cute beach towel which said that it was from Sand Cloud and there I found this very colorful Wanderlust Tie-Dye Towel.

IMG_4262This Wanderlust Tie-Dye is handmade. ^____^



I am excited to bring this on my summer trip this month and on my future beach trips!


But it’s not just about the cute design that made me decide to buy this.  It’s the fact that aside from being stylish, I was also able to share good vibes to everyone! ((:

And when I say ‘everyone,’ that included our Mother Nature! ((:  Did you know that in every purchase of Sand Cloud products, you also help to preserve and protect the beaches, oceans, and marine life? And that’s another thing to smile about!  Isn’t it? ((: The 10% of Sand Cloud’s profits are donated to organizations that share their mission.  The company is also raising awareness for key issues involving the preservation of marine life and the environment.


And I am really honored to be part of this team!  Knowing that I am able to contribute even a small thing with their mission and that is to preserve the marine life! ((:

Interested in joining to being a brand ambassador?  Or just want to have your own stylish beach towel?  Head over to and use my code:

FullSizeRenderto have 25% off of your product purchase! Yayyy! ^____^

What do you think of my Wanderlust Tie-Dye Towel? Isn’t it lovely? ❣️


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