Review: Sense 6 Pixel Heart Dual Output Power Bank

Nowadays, especially with our Computer Age, there will never be a moment in our life’s special events without a selfie, groufie, or just mere taking pictures around you.  When we go to a summer getaway, get together, reunions, birthday party, and all kinds of parties, hundreds of photos are being taken, either with a professional camera or with our mobile phones.  And one of the problems we usually encounter is when our phone battery gets low or even more, drained.  And for me, that’s horrible! (Okay, I’m OA! Hehe)  Thus, I bought this Romoss Sense 6 Pixel Heart Dual Output Power Bank from Lazada.


What’s in the Box: 

  • Romoss Sense 6 Pixel Heart Power Bank
  • Micro USB Cable

It has a dual output, so you can charge two gadgets at a time.  I noticed that the one which has 2 storm symbol charges my mobile phone quicker than the other.


Honestly, I really don’t know how many times does it charge my phone because I remove my phone from charging when I need to use it.  All I can say is that it charges my phone multiple times that I don’t bother not being able to charge it at home before leaving.  But for reference, I saw this on the Lazada website:

  • iPhone 5s – 10 times
  • Huawei P7 – 5.4 times
  • Galaxy S5 – 4.8 times
  • iPad mini – 3 times

What I love:

  • Handy
  • Can charge phone while on the move
  • Can use indoor/outdoor
  • Charges my mobile phone multiple times
  • Cute design

FullSizeRender (1)

The things I don’t like about it is that it’s a bit heavy and charging times take about one whole day when using the regular charger.  But I know that the larger the “mAh” (milliampere), the heavier the battery it will be and the longer it needs to be charge.

And oh, it comes with a pouch.  I just hope the pouch comes a little bigger, enough to fit my power bank for protection against scratch.


I love this power bank and definitely would suggest it.  This is a perfect power supply for my future travel trips. (:  It can also be used in charging an emergency light or portable fan when in a camping trip to a remote island where there is no light and electricity.

What do you think?  (:


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