Review: Human Heart Nature 100% Natural Tinted Lip Balm | Flame Tree

Having dry lips is really frustrating.  I remember my school days where I had to speak in front of the class during reporting and I had to constantly wet my lips..   (-__-)   Embarrassing.  There are also times that my lips gets really, really dry and the upper layer of my lips are peeling!  Such a discomfort!  What’s more worse is when I am talking with my friends and then suddenly they would say: ‘Jayne, nagdudugo!’  Haha! 😀 Grabe! 😀

I am in my college years when the use of a lip balm was first introduced to me.  Yes!  I’ve tried it, but I never really liked it as I still feel dry with it and it is somewhat felt greasy.  It felt uneasy.  I also tried using petroleum jelly which really moisturizes my lips, but the same thing as lip balm, it also felt greasy.  When I graduated from college, that’s when I learned the use of lipstick. :)) LOL!  Still, my lips are peeling.

Upon browsing the internet, I passed by some reviews about the HHN (Human Heart Nature), and I got intrigued with their product.l, knowing they are using only organic ingredients which is good for our body and for our mother earth as well.  :)) Isn’t that great? :))

Product Description:

✔️ Price: Php89.75

✔️ 100% Natural | 4g

✔️ It contains coca butter, beeswax, and all-natural plant oils which will keep your lips soft and moisturized all day.

✔️ It is available in three shades :  (1) Pink Orchid (pink); (2) Flame Tree (red); (3) Island Kiss (coral)

✔️ According to Environmental Working Group (, FD&C as well as D&C (color agents that are found in many chemical lip make-up and are made from coal tar), have been shown to cause cancer.  Good thing is that, Human Nature does not use any synthetic colorants! :))

Fortunately, one of my co-worker is a dealer of HHN.  I ordered  this 100% Natural Tinted Lip Balm, hoping this would help me with my dilemma, along with the other HHN product that I ordered.  Upon handing it to me, I immediately went to comfort room and tried it.  And I fell in love with it! ❤


For reference, here’s what my bare lips look like..

After applying lip balm.. tadaaa! :))

What I love about it:

❤️  Smell – it’s fruity and minty compared with the smell of the lipsticks.

❤️  Handy – I can just put it in my pocket so I can easily reapply when needed.

❤️  It’s minty effect – it’s as if I just finished tooth brushing! :))

❤️  It really moisturizes my lips without greasy feel.

❤️  I’m good to go even without applying lipstick especially for lazy days as it is already pigmented.

❤️  It is natural and made with organic ingredients, so, you are sure that your body is safe.

❤️ Very affordable.

What I don’t like about it:

❤️  The color doesn’t last that long.  I had to reapply it too often.

I’ve been using this lip balm for about three months now, together with the Sunflower oil, and I can say that I’m happy with the results.  My lips seldom gets chapped and peel! YEY! :))


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