Motorcycle Trip: Baler, Aurora

Although riding a 4 wheel seemed safer than riding a motorcycle because there is something to protect you.  A motorcycle trip is far way better than a car.  Firstly, motorcycle use less gas.  Money-wise, it cost less compared to a car.  Secondly, riding a motorcycle gets you out in the fresh air which is healthy for our body.  Third, it is easier to park and can stop anywhere.  Fourth, it is flexible in traffic.  You can always have forward through the gaps.

Hence, Team RideOut chose motorcycle trips as it makes every ride more exciting and appealing.

For the last hurrah of summer, Team RideOut decided to have one last long motorcycle trip before rainy season comes in.  We went to Baler, Aurora whom considered to be the “Top Surf Spots” in the Philippines.

We depart in Las Piñas with motorcycles composing of 14 people.  It took us about 10 hours to reach Baler.  A very looooong ride it is! ((:  Maybe because we are not familiar with the route yet.  We passed through:

Las Piñas → Baclaran → Roxas Boulevard → McArthur Highway → Bulacan → Nueva Ecija → Cabanatuan → Aurora

However, going home, the ride was cut to approximately 7 hours plus 1 hour for dinner as our hungry stomach calls in while on our way home. ((:

When we reached Baler about 12 noon, we directly searched for El Trophine Lodge, ou transient home in Baler. ((:  We occupied two rooms for a more comfortable stay with use of aircon and TV.  The rate is about P250/pax — which is so far the cheapest transient home I found on the internet.  Kudos to them!  As the staff are all very accomodating.  They all let us use their kitchen utensils since we didn’t brought anything except our personal belongings.  We also paid P100 for gas use.

After we settled the things in the room and rest for awhile, we looked for some place to eat.  We found this one food house which has more food choices to offer.  The place is cozy and open so it is not hot even when jam-packed by people.  The rate of food is just fine and the taste of food is okay.

When we are finished charging out energy, we headed to visit some of the tourist spots in Baler such as:

Museo de Baler

Sabang Beach

Hanging Bridge

Ditumabo Mother Falls

 Dona Aurora House

Baler Catholic Church

Unfortunately, we were unable to see the famous Balete Tree because we lack time.  We need to be on the road and passed the Pantabangan with daylight as the road there is curved and is accident prone.  Afterall, safety is still our priority! ((:

Have you visit this place? How was your experience? Would love to hear your thoughts! ❤️


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