The Mushroom Burger

One of my goals in life is to experience new things!  Taste different kinds of food, see new places, and try new things for the first time..

So, for this year, we started the year 2016 by taking a trip to Tagaytay.  We visit The Adoration Chapel of the Pink Sisters..  And then we head over to The Mushroom Burger! ((:

Aside from the Bulalo at Mahogany Market, Taal Volcano, Sky Ranch, and Picnic Grove, this is one of the must visit place when you happen to be in Tagaytay.  This restaurant is located a few blocks from Sky Ranch Tagaytay. ((:  They cater almost food with mushrooms such as the spaghetti, burger patties, sisig, etc.

Did you know that they grow their own mushrooms?  These barns contains cultured mushrooms! ((:

Their serving is generous when it comes to serving size. One meal is enough to make you feel full.  For this food trip, I’ve tried their No Meat Mushroom Sisig, Burger Mushroom Melt, and Mushroom Fries.

(No Meat Mushroom Sisig)

(Mushroom Fries)

I love this! This one’s my favorite! ((: I t taste just like my favorite fries of KFC! ((:  Next time we visit here, I’ll make sure that this would be included in my meal!  LOL! XD

I received a souvenir from them! YAY! ((:

Say “Hi!” to my family! ((:

Overall, our experience here is good! ((: Except that the queuing in getting orders takes long as the place is jam packed! Maybe its best if we visit here on weekdays.. ((: ♥ ♥ ♥

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