Lady in Blue

Last December 22, 2015, I attended my friend’s wedding.. Yayy! ((: How I love weddings! ((: I love to see how radiant the bride is while wearing her wedding dress.. I love to see the love in the groom’s eyes while looking into her bride walking the isle.. I love to witness how they share their personal vows in front of the altar.. (Though it makes me a cry baby! LOL!) I love to see the dresses worn by bridesmaids and all the people included in the entourage.. I love wedding cakes and desserts.. I love the FOOD! Haha! (C’mon! Who wouldn’t? LOL!)

But basically, I shared this because this wedding have been special to me.. Because the bride and the groom is special to me! ((: The bride had been my friend since the very first day of my college life. And although we doesn’t see as often as we want to, I know how they surpassed the trials in their relationship! Yeyy! Congratulations Mr. And Mrs. Gerald Ybiosa! ^___^ I’m excited to see your family grows! Hahah!

And ohh.. I love my dress! Hihih. This is especially made and designed by the Bride Carol and her mother Nanay Lita! ((:

Say hi also to my friends since the very first day of my college life! ((:

Remember girls our first day? The time we introduced ourselves in front of the class and ended our day by bonding at Quantum? Haha! It’s been almost 11 years! ((:

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