When the Weather is Cool

It’s one month to go before the awaited time of the year – Christmas Time! And this just means cooler weather! Those long nights and shorter days + cool weather makes it difficult for us to wake up early and prepare for school or work. But hey! It’s the time of the year where we can don those jackets and boots that have been stucked up in our closets for months.

I admit, I am one of those people who gets too lazy to prepare, most especially if the weather looks gloomy. It seems like my body sympathizes with the weather! LOL! However, when those times occur, instead of wearing the basics like tees and jeans, I opt for printed tops. In that way, I can sport a cheery mood instead of plunging in with the melancholic state of the weather
Moreover, I pair my printed top with my favorite ‘go-to’ bottoms — leggings. As it allows me to move quickly and conveniently without any hassle plus you can pair it with anything, especially this universal black color.

Furthermore, with regard to the footwear, those boots that we’ve seen in the malls, magazines, TV, and movies that we’d love to wear, but given that we are in a tropical country, the hot weather doesn’t allow us to wear it. Girls! Now is the perfect time to flaunt those cute and stylish ankle boots.

How about you? What kind of outfits you wear on cooler weather like this? Comments are loved! ♥♥♥

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