Blithe but just Right

In our modern time, when it comes to fashion, the trend is more of femininity. May it be in the sandals, slippers, colorful sneakers, dresses and skirts.. The feminine side will always dominate, even just by the colors and styles. Although jeans would never go out of style because of its versatility and comfort, one thing girls would never be without in our wardrobe are pieces of dress where they can utilize for special occasions such as a date with our special someone or formal events. Thus, we, girls invest on a dress that is classic but stylish that we would be willing to wear again for another special occasion.

As for me, when choosing a dress, most of the time, I opt for a dress that is dainty, chic, and not dull (in color) which perfectly suits my personality; a fun, canty, and bubbly as they say. And by this, this chevron stripe print is an ideal style for me.  Simple but chic. In choosing a dress, be careful in picking sizes, as even the well-chosen outfit falls flat if it doesn’t fit you well.

I love how this bodycon chevron stripe printed dress compliments my body. When you are a petite girl like me, you can try out two lengths (knee and ankle), for you to find out which is more suitable for you. On the other hand, the attractive design of the chevron stripe + its vibrant hues blend well giving me the charm but classy style.

With regard to shoes, I opted for something basic in color — black. To keep the style in moderate and avoid overpowering the style of dress.

By the way, I wore this dress when I attended the wedding of one of my besties. :)) And also, thank you to my bhez Mhay Bugayong and sweety Liezel Maralit for not getting tired of taking my blog worthy pictures! Haha! ‘Til next time huh? LOL!

How about you? How do you dress up on such occasion like this? I would love to hear your thoughts! ♥♥♥


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