Ice Princess

Hi! Sorry.. Its been so long when I last wrote on this blog of mine.. 🙂 It’s because I am having some problems on what solid topic to discuss to run my blog..

It’s really frustrating for me as I want to be one of those bloggers I am following for quite some time now.  I am inspired by how they write yet I am lacking some topics to discuss to.. But just recently, my energy returned back to me.. So here I am.. 🙂 I know I’m still a newbie here and probably will learn the blog world one by one.. So please bear with me! 🙏 Haha! 😄

Basically, I am writing here to post what I wore last December 2014 on our company’s Christmas Party with a theme named ‘Fire and Ice’.. (I know! I know! This is super duper mega overdue post from me.. But please let me.. 🙏)

Months before the Christmas Party, they aLready posted what the theme would be.. And I, excited as ever whenever having a party, I searched for some ideas what I can wear on our party.  I chose the ‘Ice theme’.. I watched Charisma Star on YouTube and found her outfit and make-up too cute! :))

And tadaaaa! :))

This is Charisma Star-inspired Winter Wonderland.. I hope she would not get disappointed with it.. LOL! (Fingers crossed)

What do you think of my outfit here? Will I get a thumbs up, or down? 🙂

The Ice Queen Crown is made by yours truly! 🙋 #Proud! Haha!

.. As well as my hair and make-up! :))

Hope you’ll have a good day ahead! 😊 ♥♥♥


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