BLUE, but Definitely not Blue

Howdy! :))  Here’s another outfit post of mine! :))  Have you noticed guys? :))  I’m now posting more often.. :))  I’m trying to post atleast once a week, and it makes me happy that I’m able to share something with you guys! :))  I feel productive whenever I do this!  Charr! :)) So, YEY for this! LOL! 😀

On Jayne Perdano:  Shoes SM Department Store  |  Bag Avon

In one of my errands, I wore this blue long sleeves top with a leggings.

I can say that I’m a long sleeve kind of girl.  It’s one of my clothes staples. :))  Another thing is the temperature in the office.  It gets too cold there especially when both the aircon of our company and the building are open at the same time.  Madali din akong lamigin.  Brrr.. Haha! 😀  Kaya, don’t be surprised if you see a lot of longsleeves in me.  Kase, tamad din akong magdala ng jacket. LOL! XD  Plus the fact that I’m not used to showing off my skin especially that I’m riding on a public transport almost every day of my life!   LOL! 😀

Do I look like dalaga na ba? LOL!

I love this shoes because it’s stylish, that you can wear even with formal events.  The material used is rubber so you’re also worry free even when rainy days.  Especially now with our bipolar weather.  :))

So, who says I’m blue?  All out smile ohh? :)) LOL!

What can you say about my outfit? Comments are loved! 💕


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