My Kind of Rest Day

Hello there! :)) Here’s another backlog outfit post.  Hehe! :))

As a working girl, I spend my five (5) days working in the office and got two (2) days off.  And my every day struggle is choosing what to wear.  Really! 😀  I spent minutes of my preparation time staring at my closet, examining ots every corner, looking at every pieces of clothes, and imagining myself wearing them!  LOL! 😀  And I am pretty sure every girl experienc d it! :))  Aminin! :))  There were also days that I get tired of wearing jeans and slacks.  That’s why, during those days, shorts is one of my top picks in my closet! :))  I do ot, so, my skin, legs, and blood vessels would be able to breath and get rest from tight skinny jeans and leggings. :))

In one of my rest day, I wore this shorts and yellow stripe top to keep me comfy while strolling in the mall with my ‘kuhLet’.. :))  Hihi! ^_^

How about you?  What do you wear during your rest day or when going to mall? Comments are loved! ♥ God Bless! :))


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