A New Kid in Town of Batangas

I’m baaackk!  🙂  I finally had time to blog an outfit post.  Thanks G! 🙂  I wish I would have more time to do this!  🙂

Last Sunday, my co-workers and I went to Chateau Royale to celebrate our company’s anniversary.  🙂  I really had fun that day ’cause I had a chance to unleash the kid in ME!  🙂  I joined the fun games in which we battle with each department!  Yay!  🙂  Unfortunately, our department didn’t won.  😦  But it’s fine.  🙂  The important thing is, you had fun, you laugh, smile, had time to relax apart from the stress at work, and enjoy every moment with your co-workers, right?  :))

Basically, this is what I wore during our company outing. 🙂

(With the ostrich! 🙂 )

I chose to wear this pants and tops so I can easily move.  Given that every company outing has lots of activities.  Also, I seldom wear T-shirts because whenever I wore T-shirts, I feel like I’m just at home.  Plus, it makes me look like a kid.  They always think I’m just a high school student, worst case? An elementry student.  (-_-)  Probably because of my height, small body built, and small face.  On the other hand, if I tried to wear lady-like outfit, I looked like a tryinghard-to-be-a-lady.  Hahah! 😀 I don’t know where to put myself then.. 🙂 Kaya, I chose to wear a teeny outfit nalang.. Heheh. :)) Pasado pa naman diba? :))

So, what do you think of my look?  Do I still look like pinabili lang ng suka sa kanto? LOL! :)) Comments are appreciated!  🙂 God Bless everyone! :))

By the way, here’s my bonus photo! Haha! 😀


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