Sporty Outfit

Howdy! :))

It was ApriL 18, 2015 (Saturday), when my friends since college decided to try Zumba.. My ‘Pups’ Jessryn mentioned of her mother attending Zumba every Saturday at the Freedom Park in Kawit, Cavite..The three of us, including My ‘Mhie’ Cheysser, agreed trying.. However, we got to the venue very Late, so we tried few steps and waited until after the raffle.. Heheh. :)) Then after that, we go for a LittLe waLk with Pups’ dog, Hermes, whiLe waiting for the AguinaLdo Shrine to open.. (Our visit to the historicaL AguinaLdo Shrine will be availabLe on my next post..)

That day, I wore this sporty Look..

I wore a LittLe Long Tops + Leggings + Running Shoes

What do you think of my Look here? Comments are appreciated.. :)) Thanks! :)) ♥♥♥


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