A Life Changing Purchase

At the building premises that I am working with, there’s a floor that allows vendors/booth to sell some sort of products or brands..

Usually, my co-workers and I takes our lunch early in the morning.  (On actual, we call it BrUnch = Breakfast + Lunch as we are not taking breakfast in the morning before heading to our work)  on this particular day, after we took our so called BrUnch, we dropped by to the 7-eleven to buy some snacks we can take while at work like candies or chocolates, junk foods, or drinks to keep us awake while doing our job.  As we are heading back to our floor we saw this one booth selling products that are hand made.  It is too cute to ignore! :)) My group decided to drop by and look for something to buy..

They are known for using used sacks and tarpaulins in making products like bags, wallets, and pouches.

My co-workers bought a bag and a wallet.  I purchased a wallet too!

Look! :)) Isn’t it cute? :)) It’s hand made and a recycled materials are used.  It is also made to the highest quality standard.  PLUS, you will become fashionable, as every item is UNIQUE, COLOURFUL, STYLISH,  and DURABLE.  It’s not only that you are making your own sense of style because Each product you buy, is a life changing purchase.  Why? Because (1) They are using recycled materials, making use of the available materials;  (2) the livelihood project behind it are helping communities provide a sustainable income;  and (3) you are supporting their project in assisting the under priviledged school children in local communities to have access to educational resources (This project provide the school with school books, textbooks, and school supplies..)  Aside from their finished product, they are also making customized corporate gifts, hospitality giveaways, and personalized berde bags. ^____^

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