Bakit Love niLa ang KathNiel?

Bakit Love niLa ang KathNiel?

I’m not really a fan of KathNiel.. My bestfriend actually does! :)) Really! :)) Pero just like mine, hindi rin sya isang fan before.. As far as I recall, it’s her little sister.  Naalala ko pa noon,  inaasar pa namin yung sister nya na sobrang crush si Daniel Padilla.  :))  One time, when her sister asked her na samahan syang manood ng mall tour ni DJ sa isang mall, my bestfriend even told her na huwag masyadong tumili kase nakakahiya sa  maraming tao..  Funny thing is that, when DJ  showed in stage, hindi nya namalayan, isa na sya sa mga tumitili! (Hahah!) Ang gwapo daw kase and matangkad.. :))  That’s when she started to become a fan!  Isa na sya sa mga laman ng crowd pag may mall tour sa may malapit samen..

Before the showing of She’s Dating the Gangster, she always reminds me na: “Uyy, manood kayo ng She’s Dating the Gangster ahh.” But I’m still hesitant to watch.. It’s not that I don’t want to watch it.. Kase, I’ve read the story in Wattpad, and I must admit, it’s quite a pretty story.. It’s like Filipino version of ‘The Notebook’ of Nicholas Sparks, which is one of my favorite movie! 😉 Kaya a part of me likes to watch it.. But my resources are limited.  Isa pa, I don’t know if my boyfriend will enjoy the movie because it’s not the type of movie he usually watch.  However, we ended up watching the movie.  😉 We watched it a few days after it was first shown.  And although some part of the story is omitted and changed, it was given a different twist.  :)) My boyfriend even asks me to watch for it for the second time! :))

I was kinda amazed at how people support the movie.  Look, kung gaano kahaba ang pila?  :))  Kasama kame sa pilangvyan nung nanood kame.. 😉

I want to share too our few encounter with a middle aged woman..  Before we fall in line, we asked a middle aged woman na mukhang bagets din ang get up.  😉 We asked if we are taking the right line.  And she said yes.  Kay pumila na kame.  :)) After a while, the woman tried to start a conversation.. Nagseshare na din sya ng kwento nya.  Out of curiosity, we asked if she’s alone, she again said yes kase daw para walang istorbo.  :)) She also added, “Nakakatuwa kase yung dalawang batang yun.. Mababait!”

With that, I think, maybe, kaya nagustuhan sila ng mga tao because they are a good person (as what most people say) 😉 And based sa mga nababasa ko.  They are a good people outside and inside..  They love and respect other people especially their parents.  They have a kind heart which I believe help them shines through.  And A reason why God continue to shower them blessings. 😊

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