What are the Things to Prepare During Typhoon?

Hi!  I’m already sleeping when strong winds caused by Typhoon Glenda woke me up..  It was around 3 AM in the morning when Cavite was hit.  It was scary that I wasn’t able to go back to sleep.  I was kinda worried too that my glass window might breaks into pieces because there is a part that is cracked.

Fact:  There are 16 typhoons come in the Philippine Area of Responsibility and about 6 or 9 of these makes landfall.

Since in our town still has electricity and I can’t sleep, I use that time to search for things WE need to prepare during these times.  (Thanks to Google! :)) However, all of the articles I’ve read were from the other countries and some of those are not applicable in the Philippines.  I gather those information and comes up with these:

Things to Prepare During Typhoons:

✅  Flashlights, Candles, Match or Lighter 

✅  Batteries

✅  Extra batteries (for flashlights, mobile phones, and radio)

✅  FULLY CHARGED mobile phones and rechargeable lamps or flashlights, powerbank, and extra batteries

✅  Containers of drinking water

✅  Non-perishable food (canned goods, biscuits, etc.)

✅  Manual can opener

✅  Source of water for cleaning purposes (Fill water tanks or dram)

✅  Cash

✅  Emergency kit (For emergency cases)

I hope these information will help you. 😊  Keep safe everyone! 😊

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